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All Praise be to Allah and Peace and Blessings be upon his messenger:

The news has become widespread of the earthquake in Turkey and many have differed in opinions and thoughts about it some sympathizers and some who felt Turkey deserved more, and we are of the second category, and one must ask why?

First and foremost look at both pictures on top and below this page it is indeed a miracle from Allah to start with; a miracle of this century. A camera lens captures a miracle from Allah if we were to realize it we would flee onto Allah and repent to him.

Look how the town was totally destroyed and most of the buildings were leveled with the face of the earth especially around the mosque except for the mosque which was unharmed at all and a building across the street from the mosque, the side facing the mosque is totally unharmed yet the rest of the sides of the building was damaged, because had it Collapsed it would have fell on the masjids extension.

If one were to guess before the earthquake what in that town would be damaged it would be of course the masjid Minaret. Its tall thin weak based structure are all indication that any earth movement will force it collapse but no! Everything was destroyed but that! SUBHAN ALLAH!

It is a miracle from Allah to show the Turks and the world that what the Turks tried eagerly and fiercely to destroy was the only thing saved.

It is the Turkish government and along with the support of the Turkish population that declared war upon Allah in the past few years and especially in the past few months.

It is the grand kids of the heroic men of the Ottoman empire who saved Islam for a long period of timeŠ who have come now to throw their fore fathers teaching behind their back and declare war on Allah openly and clearly without fear of anything or anyone. They thought their proud alliance with the descendants of the monkeys and pigs and Christians would save them but when Allah orders something no one and nothing will stand in its way.

The Turkish people along with their government declared war on Allah when a female Muslim who won a Parliament seat was ousted and voted out for the sole reason she wore a scarf on her hair. She was ousted, she was shun, she was harmed and deported out to Texas, USA where her father is a Imam of a masjid. WHY? Because she wore a scarf!

The Turkish people have declared war on Allah when they supported their government in annihilating , eliminating and banning the Islamic party from working for Islam although its know to be easy and far from abiding strictly to Islamic Rules, YET IT WAS BANNED for the mere fact it had the smell of Islam in it!

The Turkish people backing their government declared war on Allah when they issued a series of laws such as firing any government employee or military personal caught praying in public and also he may be subject to a prison sentence depending on his position and rank. PRAYER TO THE TURKISH COWARDS IS A CRIME!! AND WE ASK WHY AN EART QUAKE?

Among the laws that were passes declaring war on ALLAH was any government official or military personal whose wife was wearing scarf he will be fired and subject to prison term!

The Turkish government even ordered a BAN on teaching Islam as a subject which was a once a week subject in schools in response to a request by their MASTER JEWS!

The Turks banned the Memorization of Koran (charitable teaching in masques).

That is the Truskish government and that is the Turkish people except very few who Allah was mercy with.

And then what?

The Turks throughout their media began showing their military power, and pride in USA, UK, and Israel alliances. In fact the Turkish media had put so much emphasis on how strong it as become and how nothing would be able to harm it because its military was so strong and its alliance with USA, UK and Israel was at its peak. There is not one neighbor of any of the countries surrounding Turkey that the Turks did not threaten and create practice missions near their borders along and side by side with Jewish troops. Just like pharaoh when he sat on his thrown proud and showed off with the water flowing under him Allah used that same water to flow over him and cause his

What happened in Turkey?

Allah said:(Did the people of the towns feel secure against the coming of the wrath by night while they were sleep? Or else did they feel secure against its coming in broad daylight while they played about care-free? Did they then feel secure against Allah’s devising but no one can feel secure from the plan of Allah, except those doomed in
ruin) 7:97-99

ALLAHU AKBAR MUSLIMS!! The first thing the earthquake hit by Allah was one of Turkeys biggest naval basis with troops from Israeli soldiers and Turkish soldiers. When the Earthquake first hit the base the ground swallowed them and the shores swept them off the face of the earth and the scene was as though there was never a navy base there.

The Turkish and world media with the Turkish people complained the first few days that the government sat without doing anything but in fact the government had took ALL its resources to the naval base area to try to recover what it can firstly and foremostly the Jewish soldiers and then the Turkish soldiers while those general Muslims who most likely are Muslims by name lay under the rummage of the their homes and buildings awaiting death. May those who dies along side the Jewish soldiers be stuck with them in hell fire!

Do you see how cheap the blood of those so-called Muslims has become in comparison with the Jewish soldiers? Do you see how the Turkish government betrayed its own people leaving them under their collapsed houses trying to rescue Jewish cowards?

There has not been a country on the face of this earth in the past decade that declared war on Allah and showed off its power and strength as well as its alliance with the enemies of Allah like Turkey did.

Even Jews on their filth did not reach the point Turkey did.

After this summery of crimes committed against Allah is there any one who doubts Allah mercifulness in not erasing Turkey off the face of the earth?

Should we be surprised to see the town of “Golcuk” completely demolished except of the masjid and its minaret, not a single broken window?

Shall we be surprised that Turkish newspapers reported over 100,000 dead and hundreds of hundreds of thousand missing and injured?

I have spoken to some of our brothers there and many of them told me we wish Turkey was erased off the face of the earth from what we see of Islamic ordains being mocked, disgraced as well as challenged, and the good people will be brought upon on the judgement day in heaven insallah.

We do not deny that amongst the Turkish people are sincere believer but they are few if not rare, Turkish people unlike other countries seemed to have supported their government by vast majority, those very few who did not may Allah be at their aid and show them more miracles and saĐe them from all harm.